White Label Manufacturing
We help you build brands using existing products.
Our white label production service empower small businesses to create branded products. We help you create product lines with existing products that bear your brand.

Need some brand swag? We help you put your brand on existing products that you can sell or give away. Quality branded products are important to maintain your brand image. Our manufacturers and suppliers produce high quality products at great value.
From Concept to Delivery
1. Design phase
1.1 Product & Packaging Concept Design
You have an existing product that you want to brand. We create mock-ups of the product and packaging to fit your brand style.
2. Pre-production phase
2.1 Manufacturer Sourcing
UChina has a large network of reliable manufacturers and suppliers established in the past decade. These tried and tested manufacturers will ensure you get the best quality at the lowest market price, with a short production lead time.
2.2 Sample Confirmation
The manufacturer will create mock-ups of the product and packaging with your branding. Once we confirm the mock-ups, the manufacturer will produce a sample of the product and packaging.
2.3 Pre-Production Report
We will do a final check of the product costing. We will also prepare the certifications required for the different parts and ensure that the product does not infringe on any intellectual property rights.
3. Production phase
3.1 Mass production
Once we confirm the sample, the manufacturer will be ready to mass produce your branded product. We inspect each production batch of the components and final products to ensure quality control of the production run.
3.2 Quality control
We will inspect the finished products to ensure that the production batch has no problems. After the inspection, we will arrange the logistics of the product.
Flexible & Transparent Pricing
Pay As You Go.

Pay only for what your project requires.
Design Phase
Pre-production Phase
Production Phase
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