Custom Product Packaging
We develop packages in small quantity
Our product packaging service help small companies produce their initial batch of products packaging without unrealistic minimum quantities.

Our custom product packaging service caters to startups by providing a low barrier of entry to making customized, affordable high quality packaging. Our network of product packaging companies offer all sorts of product packaging at very affordable rates.
Why choose us?
UChina makes it straightforward to making your packaging concept a reality. Provide us with some basic sketches, describe the packaging or show us existing packaging for reference, and we will do the rest!

That's right! You don't need any knowledge of packaging design or product packaging. We have experts who will assist you with the technicalities and guide you through the process of producing your custom packaging.

We produce samples of the packaging so you can hold it and get an idea of how it actually looks, and then we refine the design for actual production.
From concept to delivery
1. Design phase
1.1 Conceptualization
You have an idea for a product packaging. We help you to crystallize your concept by creating a 2D concept design. Then we review the design and the packaging's certification requirements.
1.2 Industrial Design
Our designers create a 3D render of your packaging to review the custom print design. We create several variations and pick the best design that suits your brand and product.
2. Pre-production phase
2.1 Print Design
We create the product packaging in vector files for high resolution printing. We match the colors with Pantone colour codes to ensure exact color replication in print.
2.2 Packaging Sample
Your product packaging comes to live in a form that you can actually hold! This sample allows you verify the print, such as the position and size of design elements and text. You can also test with your product to ensure a good user experience for your customers.
3. Production phase
3.1 Mass production
Once the print sample is approved, we begin mass production of the packaging. We inspect each production batch to ensure quality control of the production run.
3.2 Test production run
We then deliver the completed product packaging to the production line where your products will be packaged.
Flexible & Transparent Pricing
Pay As You Go.

Pay only for what your project requires.
Design Phase
Pre-production Phase
Production Phase
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