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Case studies
City network of rental chargers for mobile phones

TAKE CHARGE! is a city-wide power bank rental network. The founders were aware of similar solutions in the market and studied their business models. We sourced for a product that meets their requirements. Our experts calculated the production and equipment costs to study whether the business would be sustainable. We assisted in communicating with the manufacturers and suppliers, acting as liaisons, translators and advisors. We also prepared all necessary documents, and facilitated the transactions. Before production, we verified the product certifications to ensure compliance. Then we started mass production. We recommended the best logistics solutions that provided the shortest delivery time while keeping costs low.

    Komarik is an auto injector for intramuscular and subcutaneous injections. The team joined our Hardware Upgrade Program for a month to refine and improve their existing product.

    Our experts helped Komarik reduce the device width by over 30%. The team had problems with the device body's structure, and our experts resolved all the issues. We helped to reduce the cost of the electronic components by 25% through optimizing the printed circuit boards and components without compromising quality.
    Mishka AI is an educational companion for children aged 3 to 6 years old. The Mishka AI team participated in our Hardware Upgrade Program for 2 months.

    During their stint with us, they created 3 iterations of the electronics adaptation to prepare for mass production. We optimized the motherboard to reduce the size while adding more functionality, resulting in a total cost reduction of more than two times!

    We sourced 30 contractors to supply the plush, electronics casing, power supply, electronic components, and the assembly line. The UCHINA Acceleration program moved the product from concept to mass production in less than 2 months.
        Blood glucose meter
        The product is a non-invasive glucose monitor. We helped the team to develop completely new electronic components to reduce the size of the device's electronics by 80%. As this is a wearable device, such a massive reduction is incredibly useful.

        Our experts also recommended a new charging method to further improve the functionality of the product. We also advised the team on the design and prototyping the casing, as well as the choice of materials used for the parts. The UCHINA Acceleratoration program helped the team to bring their concept ready for scaling.
        TAU Tracker is a modular tracking system created for VR developers and training systems. It is based on the company's proprietary magnetic-inertial technology and implemented as gloves.

        We helped the team to manufacture their electronics and plastic casing. We created the casing design with manufacturing in mind to ensure cost reduction and process optimization for mass production. Our experts checked the background of the suppliers to verify their credentials, and our QC team ensured that each step of the production was conducted according to our standards.
        Lampyris is one of the largest LED lighting equipment plant in Russia. The company produces professional street lighting, and lighting for use in the office, hospitals, and schools. We researched and verified the suppliers to narrow down the candidates to recommend to the client.

        We worked with suppliers to create custom metal parts for the client. Our team assisted in producing an LED power supply driver based on the custom requirements set out by the client.

        The UCHINA team helped the client purchase automated electronics assembly equipment for the assembly line and SMT line. We also managed the logistics of the products for the client.
        Affex is a Russian shoe brand that crafts high quality shoes with iconic designs for the mass market at an affordable price. We worked with the client to develop the products from scratch. We then sourced for suppliers and conducted background checks to verify their credibility.

        We hired a shoe technology specialist to help the client to create and improve the products. After the design and prototyping processes, the products went into mass production. We inspected every step of the production process to ensure quality control.
        LaowaiMe is a foreign-owned Chinese lifestyle brand. The startup has limited budget, but we helped the team to build a wide range of products despite the budget and low order quantity. Despite the challenges, the brand has established a strong product line with a recognizable branding.

        The brand has grown and established a Taobao shop to cater to the Chinese market. The products also ship worldwide through our logistics and shipping partners. We help LaowaiMe to source for suppliers and also conduct quality control inspections on all products delivered by the suppliers.
        Hyper tools are premium home-use hand tools sets. The brand is created by one of the top Russian house renovation YouTubers. All the tools are made by Great Star, the largest tool manufacturer in Asia.

        We helped the client to source for suppliers, develop the products with his brand, and provided the logistics and quality control of the products.
        UCHINA sourcing
        We have worked with many clients in various industries and markets. Here are some examples:

        • OEM/ODM/White label manufacturing
        • Electronic components and devices
        • Metal and plastic tubes
        • Equipment
        • Hoverboards and electric scooters
        • POS machines and materials
        • ASIC Miners
        • Custom plastic and metal components
        • Furniture
        • Souvenirs and gifts
        • Packaging
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