Simple Sourcing Solutions
We source products in small quantity
Our sourcing service help small companies find the desired products without unrealistic minimum quantities.

Our simple sourcing service caters to startups by providing a low barrier of entry to purchasing products at a reasonable price for online or retail sale. We conduct a quick, in-depth research to understand the market trends to identify popular products and determine the market selling price.
Why choose us?
UChina makes it straightforward to source for products from China. Describe the function or show us existing products for reference, and we will do the rest!

That's right! Our experts will assist you with the market analysis to determine the costs involved and calculate the best selling price.

We inspect and verify each supplier to ensure they are reliable and produce good quality products. We don't take their word for it. We visit the factories to verify their credentials and production abilities.
From Research to Review
1. Research Phase
1.1 Market research
We conduct a quick, in-depth research of the market to understand the products in the market for your desired niche. We study the trends to identify popular products and understand the market retail prices of similar products.

Our research will give you a good overview of the products available in the market and make recommendation for the common specifications, or areas where you can possibly differentiate your products.
1.2 Supplier Research
We compare different manufacturers and suppliers to shortlist those with good service, great pricing and high quality products. We identify suppliers that fall within the requirements of your product.
2. Supplier Review
Our experience and familiarity with the common industrial tricks allow us to quickly filter out unreliable suppliers. We verify the company's legal status via government systems, and then we visit the factories for inspection. We will report the supplier review and make our recommendation
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Research Phase
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Review Phase
Order Phase
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