Custom Plastics Manufacturing
& Injection Molding
We develop plastic products in small quantity
Our product development service help small companies produce their initial batch of products without unrealistic minimum quantities.

Our custom plastics manufacturing service caters to startups by providing a low barrier of entry to making affordable high quality plastics. Our network of plastic molding companies offer tooling services at very affordable rates, and we further reduce costs through bundling small orders from different teams and clients.
Why choose us?
UChina makes it straightforward to making your concept a reality. Provide us with some basic sketches, describe the function or show us existing products for reference, and we will do the rest!

That's right! You don't need any knowledge of plastics manufacturing or injection molding. We have experts who will assist you with the technicalities and guide you through the process of producing your custom plastic product.

We 3D print the first sample so you can hold the product and get an idea of how it actually looks, and then we refine the design until it is ready for mold making. The tooling process requires attention to details to ensure there are no problems with the molded products.
From concept to delivery
1. Design phase
1.1 Conceptualization
You have an idea for a product. We help you to crystallize your concept by creating a 2D concept design. Then we review the design and the product's certification requirements.
1.2 Industrial Design
Our industrial designers create a 3D render of your product to review the exterior design and internal structural design. This allows us to review the details and identify potential problems.
2. Pre-production phase
2.1 Mechanical Design
Before we create the prototype we need to refine the industrial design to optimise the robustness of every part for usability, durability, and reparability. Our mechanical engineers achieve these with minimal changes to the industrial design.
2.2 Parts Preparation
We prepare a list of materials, using readily available generic designs where possible to reduce costs while maintaining high quality. Non-standard parts will require custom injection molding.
2.3 Working Prototype
Your product finally comes to live in a form that you can actually hold! We 3D print the product parts and assemble it. The working prototype allows you to identify issues that were not visible or obvious in the design render.
3. Production phase
3.1 Injection mold tooling
When we finalize the shapes of the product parts, we will create the molds drawings for plastic injection. The mold makers will then refine the tooling by working closely with our mechanical engineers to ensure aesthetic quality and robustness of the parts.
3.2 Test production run
Before starting mass production, we conduct a test production run with same assembly line and workers to replicate mass production conditions. This test run helps us to identify potential issues and ensure that the same quality can be mass produced.
3.3 Mass production
When the test production run passes our stringent quality control checks, we move on to the mass production phase where the first batch of your product is put together. We inspect each production batch of the components and final products to ensure quality control of the production run.
Flexible & Transparent Pricing
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Pay only for what your project requires.
Design Phase
Pre-production Phase
Production Phase
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