Case studies
City network of rental chargers for mobile phones

  • Found similar solutions on the market, studied business models;
  • Found production that meets the criteria;
  • Calculated the cost of the production cycle of its own equipment in production;
  • Assistance in the business communications, the preparation of necessary documentation, transaction support;
  • Verification of production for compliance and launch of production;
  • Search for the best logistics solutions;
  • Optimization of costs for procurement and logistics, monitoring and tracking suppliers, checking equipment for compliance.
Autoinjector «Komarik», which allows you to do intramuscular and subcutaneous injections.

  • Reduced the size of the device in width by almost a third;
  • Solved all issues related to the creaks of the body and with slits;
  • Printed and tested performance in a new configuration;
  • Reduced the cost of electronics (PCB components) by 25%;
  • Received recommendations for the optimization of printed circuit boards and components;
  • Clarified the possibility of manufacturing all plastic parts in local factories.

    Blood glucose meter
    Continuous non-invasive glucose monitoring system (blood glucose meter)

    • A completely new electronics and component base were developed. All this made it possible to reduce the size of the device's electronics by 80%, which is especially important for wearable devices;
    • Recommendations were received on how to refine the existing scheme, received an offer to make a completely new charging option;
    • They found specialists in the development and prototyping of the device body. Useful recommendations on materials were given, discussed the general concept of development;
    • The result of acceleration program was that the device is completely ready for scaling.
    • Electronics is ready, the body has a concept and all the arrangements.
      TAU Tracker – modular tracking system purposed for VR developers and training systems. It's based on the company's own magnetic-inertial technology and implemented as gloves.

      • Electronics manufacturing
      • Plastic case manufacturing and DFM
      • Suppliers research
      • QC
          Lampyris plant
          One of the largest LED lighting equipment plant in Russia. Producing professional street lighting, office/hospital/school lighting.

          • Supplier research
          • OEM/ODM supply chain management
          • Outsource of custom-designed metal parts
          • Production of LED power supply/driver with custom requirements
          • Purchasing of automated electronics assembling line and SMT line
          • Logistics management
          • Attending more than 20 China and Germany LED fairs
            Russian shoe brand. Hight quality shoes, with iconic designs for the mass market with affordable price.

            • products development from scratch
            • supplier research
            • shoe technology specialist hiring
            • producing the first batch of shoes
            • ongoing and final product QC
                  Foreign-owned Chinese lifestyle brand.

                  • Development of all products line with minimum budget and MOQ
                  • Manufacturing process control
                  • Marketing strategy
                  • Registered Taobao shop for Chinese market
                  • Mainland and worldwide delivery support
                  • QC
                  Tools private brand - Hyper Tools
                  Hyper tools are premium quality hand tools sets for home use.

                  The brand is made by Russia house renovation theme top youtube blogger. All tools made in Asia the biggest tools manufacturer - Great Star.

                  • Supplier research
                  • Product development
                  • Logistics support
                        Some other orders and clients by type of products:
                        Metal and plastic tubes
                        POS materials
                        ASIC Miners
                        Custom plastic and metal parts
                        Some projects under NDA and we can't put it on our website
                        Some vaping devices, electronics for some corporates
                        Non-standard projects
                        Music festivals for Star Cruises, business tours
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